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This forum facilitate communication among SHBWC users on specific and/or technical aspects of the use of the software. It may also include examples of difficulties find by users and the respective solution, It also includes, as well as new features and improvements to the software.
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User Categories

Postby admin » Fri Aug 26, 2016 4:30 pm

Currently there are three types of users (in addition to admin user): “Researcher”, “Chief researcher” and “Manager”.

Contributors will first receive a basic user ID and password (researcher user) that will allow them to upload and manage their own photo-identification catalogue. When the researcher group receives an upgraded user, they can request to have also researcher users in case they would like to use the SHBWC platform to manage their own catalogue.

Upgraded access will only be granted to those who contribute photos, therefore after uploading all their catalogues contributors must notify the catalogue curator. An upgraded user ID and password (chief researcher user) will be granted. This user can view all whales included in the SHBWC, is able to compare photographs, make matching suggestions between different catalogues, and view the SHBWC reports.

Manager users are reserved to regional coordinators and, in addition to Chief researcher user; they have the capacity to confirm a match.

Contributions of opportunistic photo-identifications are also welcome. People that do not have a specific work on blue whales and are interested in contributing their blue whale photographs to this international collaborative effort are welcome to submit their photographs to, along with information on date and location of the whales.

Each region includes an “opportunistic” catalogue within the SHBWC. Opportunistic photographs will be uploaded to these catalogues and the contributor’s name will be associated to the WhaleID record. If any match is found, the contributor will be informed by email of the finding and will be acknowledge in any future publication that refers to the match.

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