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Dear SHBWC contributors and collaborators,

Welcome to the Southern Hemisphere Blue Whale Catalogue (SHBWC) forum.

This forum is a communication tool directed only to people involved with SHBWC (http://www.bluewhalecatalogue.org). It will be usefull to assist users having difficulties in using the SHBWC software but also we may want to provide results of the work-in progress either from the SHBWC or from our respective institution, enhance collaboration among blue whale researchers, request documentation, ask some questions, etc.

It will depend on us, the users, which topics of discussions we want to create. Each user has the capability to create topics, post messages, reply, etc. and we can view the discussions at any time. It is also allowed to use the private message option to comunicate with any of the users of the forum.

You can find more detailed instructions on creating topics, posting, reply messages, etc. on the FAQ section (faq.php). Don't forget to suscribe a topic (under "Topic tools", next to "Post a Reply" button) if you want to received emails with notification of new posts under that topic, or to suscribe an entire forum (upper tab) to received any post it is submitted under this forum category.

I wish you all a good experience and hope this tool will facilitate communication among all of us.


Bárbara Galletti
Coordinator Southern Hemisphere Blue Whale Catalogue

President - Centro de Conservación Cetacea, CHILE

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